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A. DDU, DDP, EXWORK sea and air import and export operations:

        We have established strategic alliances with many multinational freight forwarders, and built a strong international freight network covering major countries and regions in the world. At present, we have signed a contract with Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, and the above countries to cooperate successfully with the DDU, DDP, EXWORK import and export transportation business for a long time and Accumulated a wealth of practical experience.


B. Operation of specialized import and export containers:

        Operated to open top box (OT), frame box (FR), overweight box (OW), tank box, low-temperature freezer, temperature-controlled freezer, freezer dry, hanging box, SOC box based on the documents of the special box, the products involved in the name; chemicals, dangerous goods, steel, large machinery, boilers, food additives, food, clothing, engineering machinery, etc., to be able to randomly respond to the operation of the process of the changes that may occur. C. Bulk Cargo Chartering

C. Bulk cargo chartering transportation:

        The company has successfully operated bulk transportation of steel, engineering equipment, large machinery and equipment, coal and carbon.

D. International railroad transportation:

        The company has operated international railroad transportation in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan for large state-owned and private enterprises.

E. International exhibition transportation:

        The company has successfully operated the whole tracking service of shipping, customs declaration, customs clearance at destination, exhibition, exhibition withdrawal and transportation back to the region for the contracted overseas agent countries.

F. Domestic inland water transportation:

        The company has long operated domestic inland river container water transportation business in Changsha, Changshu, Huangshi, Jiangyin, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Nanjing, Nantong, Taizhou, Wuhu, Wuhan, Yangzhou, Zhangjiagang, Zhenjiang, Chongqing and so on, which saves long-distance highway transportation cost for the majority of customers.

G. International multimodal transportation:

        The company handles international multimodal transportation such as sea-rail transportation and sea-air transportation for enterprises in need. At present, the company has opened up a sea-air intermodal transportation routes to all over the world through Dubai, Inchon transit, at a price far lower than air transportation, far faster than the service of sea transportation, to provide customers with more flexible options.

H. Trade agency:

       The company applies for self-supporting import and export rights, and engages in foreign trade agency business for enterprises without self-supporting rights or over business scope.

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