Viva Vision: To be based in China and to go global by bringing goods to the four seas and circulating to the five continents.

Mission: To provide good service for import and export enterprises, to create better living conditions for employees, to provide competitive logistics solutions for customers, and to create value continuously.

Goal: To be an excellent service enterprise and to build up the brand of Wisepac!

Mission: To build a qualified international logistics service team with integrity as the foundation, brand as the basis, market-oriented, customer-oriented, and constantly adjusting the strategy.Core values: Achievement of customers, achievement of employees, do our best to promote the healthy and rapid development of the logistics business.

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Vivan Philosophy :                       

Work philosophy: the extension of customer value, the embodiment of company value, the realization of personal value.

Business Philosophy: Innovative and enterprising, sustainable development, win-win situation.

Service tenet: Customer first, honest operation, professional service.

Work policy: professional, serious, proactive, efficient.


The Vivan Oath:

What are we? We are the Vanguard Army!

We have the excellent character of gratitude, hardworking, down-to-earth and willingness to work.

Brothers and sisters from all over the world gather in Viwon , like family.

Wei-Wan people have military-like iron discipline, unity and love, co-creating dreams is our lifelong faith. Loyal to customers, loyal to Viwon , we are the army of Wanjia!

Shanghai Viwon International Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd.

To be your intimate multimodal transportation integrated logistics service expert.
Responsibility forges service, service creates value.

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Shanghai Viwon International Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd.

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